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Beta Reading

I am now offering beta reading services!



Preferred Format: Please share your story with me through Google Docs as that way would be easy for me to be able to point out errors directly and make notes on specific parts. 

*As I believe that beta readers shouldn't charge, my services are free. :)

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Sharp eyes for errors and typos. Can provide detailed feedback. 

Weaknesses: As a reader who's too focused, I'm an extremely slow reader who would take time to finish. 



  • Categories: YA, Middle Grade, Adult (though for Adult, I would prefer it more if the MC is NA, or somewhere in their mid or late twenties)

  • Genres: Contemporary Realistic Fiction - anything dealing with real life problems (e.g. mental health rep, diversity rep, grief, racism, friendship, etc.), Mystery/Thriller, Horror

  • Bonus: If you know me, as someone who has a big weakness for brothers, bromances, and guy friendships, it would be great if your story contains any of those things - I would be more than happy to read it! 

Would NOT Read: Sex and LGBTQIA+. For Fantasy or Sci-Fi, I'm probably not the person for you as I'm usually not a big reader in those genres, but it would depend - you can let me know beforehand. 

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