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Beta Reading

I am now offering beta reading services!

Email or reach out here.


  • Categories: YA, Middle Grade, Adult (though for Adult, I would prefer it more if the MC is NA, or somewhere in their mid or late twenties)

  • Genres: Contemporary Realistic Fiction - anything dealing with real life problems (e.g. mental health rep, diversity rep, grief, racism, friendship, etc.), Mystery/Thriller, Horror

  • Bonus: If you know me, as someone who has a big weakness for brothers, bromances, and guy friendships, it would be great if your story contains any of those things - I would be more than happy to read it! 

Would NOT Read: Sex and LGBTQIA+. For Fantasy or Sci-Fi, I'm probably not the person for you as I'm usually not a big reader in those genres, but it would depend - you can let me know beforehand. 

*As a reader who's too focused, please note that I am an extremely slow reader who would take time to finish. 

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