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Book recs are welcomed! Please recommend me any books you think I might enjoy by filling out this form below! If you know me, you'd know I'd be excited for anything that's got mental health rep, especially in a YA contemporary realistic fiction. I'm someone who loves to read anything that deals with realistic problems, such as grief and racism. Also, anything that's got brothers/bromance in it, of course! (if you know any, it would be nice if you could recommend me a book with a particular character dynamic between guys where an older guy and younger guy form a friendship, and the older guy treats the younger guy like his own little brother). And mysteries. Whether it's YA, Adult, or Middle Grade, if you know of a good mystery with a lot of twists, please do recommend. Or, since there are still a lot of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books that I've still got to catch up on, recommend me a Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book you'd think I'd enjoy!

Recommend me a book!

Thanks for the rec! Will look into it!

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