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Burned (Hardy Boys UB #6) by Franklin W. Dixon

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Title: Burned

Series: Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers

Author: Franklin W. Dixon (Pen name)

Release Date: October 1, 2005

Publisher: Aladdin

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Rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis from Amazon:

To smoke out the mastermind behind and learn the structure of an illegal international CD-burning operation that employs teenagers.

Local and global. Start close to home.

Misicians. Record companies. Unsuspecting customers who are unaware that they are participating in illegal activity.

Start with Julian sanders, your classmate. Work from there.



My Review:

Okay, so I'm not usually the queen of rereads as I'm usually someone who gets nervous when it comes to rereading a favorite book. Afraid I wouldn't love it as much as before. Afraid my feelings for it wouldn't be the same as the first time. After all, rereading a favorite book is usually never the same as the first time, right?

Well, but more than anything, I was so glad and relieved that that wasn't the case with the Hardy Boys UB #6 Burned.

After procrastinating for a long time on rereading a favorite Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew book, I'm so glad to finally have the courage to pick up one of my favorite Hardy Boys book, UB #6 Burned.

This installment of the Hardy Boys UB series follows the Hardy brothers as they investigate the person behind the illegal international CD-burning operation.

I enjoyed the interaction between the Hardy family near the beginning of the book, and as usual, I loved the brother teamwork between Frank and Joe and their determination to do justice against evil, as well as the brotherly love and banters added between them, which obviously reminded me of why I got into the Hardy Boys in the first place.

This Hardy Boys mystery was intriguing as I couldn't wait to discover the identity of the mysterious C.D. Burns (it's been awhile since I've last read the book after all, so I kinda forgot who the culprit was 😉), and anxious for the Hardys to catch him.

One of my favorite parts was when the Hardy brothers were chasing that Mr. Ski Cap guy at the mall, and how Frank managed to kick butt (according to Joe), despite his injured foot. Great brother teamwork! I was so proud of him for that! Definitely the Hardys I know and love!

Finally, as I was reading that Hardy Boys book, I was feeling kinda nostalgic as I remembered my early bookworm days, and now all of a sudden, I have that burning urge to dig out all my other favorite Hardy Boys (and Nancy Drew) books, and start rereading. The joy of rereading a favorite!

Reading Burned, I also learned a lot about how illegal it is to burn CDs; shame for my ignorance back then! 🤭 Honestly, it kinda reminded me of my days in sixth grade when I attempted to burn CDs for my siblings. 🙈

Overall, I would recommend Burned to all the Hardy Boys and mystery fans out there.

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