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Shaw's Obsession (Ashkettle Boys #5) by A.M. Goetz

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Title: Shaw's Obsession

Series: Ashkettle Boys

Author: A.M. Goetz

Published: April 27, 2018

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Rating: ★★★★

Synopsis from Amazon:

Stuck in the stages of grief, Dr. Katherine Galway can barely face the day. How in the world will she stop a serial killer?
As a correctional psychologist working with the U.S. Parole Commission, Katherine knows an escalating offender when she sees one.
Enter Shaw McAllister.
Up for parole on his conviction of kidnapping and torturing a teenage boy who bears a striking resemblance to her own murdered brother, Shaw pushes every button Katherine has. She’ll be damned if she’ll recommend his release.
But her declination is overruled, her recommendation ignored.
And now Shaw is out.
He’s out, and he’s headed back home for another go at young Dack Ashkettle.
But Katherine is determined that’s not going to happen.
No matter what it takes, she’ll stop McAllister from destroying another family like her own family was destroyed.
She will.
Or she’ll die trying.


My Review from January 13, 2022:

Where do I start? :')

I'm so glad I finally got my hands on the fifth installment of the Ashkettle Boys series, Shaw's Obsession on my kindle. My first read of 2022.

As I assumed that the whole story would be in Shaw's point of view only and that the Ashkettle brothers would be side characters this time, I can't believe I nearly thought of skipping it, and how glad I didn't! I was so relieved that my assumption turned out to be wrong.

Shaw's Obsession was filled with excitement and suspense, and one that took me through a rollercoaster of emotions that I just wasn't able to contain myself. As usual, I loved the Ashkettle brothers' love and loyalty to each other and of course, felt their emotions; happy when they were happy and sad when they were sad. And of course, I felt angry when Katherine's declination was overruled, and Shaw McAllister was released. To have another go at Dack.

I was tensed up and hoped that Dack would be safe. Spoiler! How painful it was for me when Shaw managed to get a hold of him! End Spoiler!

Also, I was really impressed with Katherine for her determination to fight for justice.

While I really did enjoy Shaw's Obsession, there were some minor issues I had with it.

For instance, Goetz's messy writing, which was kind of a distraction from enjoying the story. There were times I felt like she just wrote it in one go without bothering to check it over for errors, like getting the names mixed up, for example.

Also, there were things I feel like didn't tie up. For instance, Spoiler! it's never confirmed whether Merle is actually Dack's father or not. End Spoiler!

Finally, the ending. I was sad that Spoiler! Dack didn't get better and that he stayed in a coma. Oh well, I guess we'll find out in the next book. End Spoiler! But hey, at least it's realistic. After all, life isn't always fairytale-happy endings.

Overall, Shaw's Obsession was an enjoyable read and I look forward to getting my hands on the sixth installment soon, Sweet Cold of Winter.

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