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Training For Trouble (The Hardy Boys #161) by Franklin W. Dixon

Title: Training For Trouble

Series: The Hardy Boys

Author: Franklin W. Dixon

Release Date: May 1, 2000

Publisher: Aladdin

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Rating: ★★★★☆.5


The combat sports training facility has just opened in Bayport, and the Hardys are on hand to check it out. They can practice judo, fencing, archery, and biathlon, and meet aspiring athletes from all over.
But good times turn to bad sportsmanship when Joe's girlfriend, Iola, gets a nasty electrical shock during a fencing workout. Then someone decides to use Frank for target practice on the archery range. Now the Hardys are wondering if the events are more than accidents. How far will world-class competitors go to win?


My Review:

Another favorite Hardy Boys done rereading.

The new combat sports training facility that just opened in Bayport is being sabotaged in this installment of the Hardy Boys series! First Joe's girlfriend, Iola gets an electrical shock during fencing workout, and then someone attempts to shoot Frank with arrows on the archery range...

Having read that eight years ago, since there were some things I seem to have forgotten about this Hardy Boys book, I was happy to finally have the chance to read it again, especially since I have a lot of favorite Hardy Boys rereading to catch up on.

Training For Trouble was intriguing with intense scenes. As usual, it has all the Hardy qualities that reminded me of why I got into the Hardy Boys in the first place; the brother teamwork and not giving up despite the dangers involved.

I found Joe's concern for Iola after she got zapped in the beginning of the book adorable, and I loved Frank helping Joe after he got stabbed.

Finally, while I loved Training For Trouble, I'm not sure if it was just me, but I felt like there were things that didn't make sense or add up... which prevented me from giving it a complete five star.

Would recommend to Hardy Boys fans.

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