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While The Clock Ticked (The Hardy Boys #11) by Franklin W. Dixon

Title: While The Clock Ticked

Series: The Hardy Boys

Author: Franklin W. Dixon (Pen name)

Release Date: Revised ed. edition (January 1, 1962)

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap

Purchase: Available through the Canadian Amazon. Or you can keep your eyes out on it in your local secondhand bookstore or used Amazon. It's also available as a kindle format.

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Rating: ★★★★★


A banker who has been receiving threatening notes enlists the help of the Hardy boys. Before long, the young sleuths find themselves entangled in the investigation of a notorious band of thieves.


My Review:

As someone who's always been used to the updated versions of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (such as the Undercover Brothers and Girl Detective), I've never been into the old school Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, though I've read and enjoyed quite a few of them. But with the cover of this particular Hardy Boys book looking so intriguing and catching, I've always wanted to get my hands on it.

While The Clock Ticked contained action, intense scenes, and humor. Every chapter ended on a cliffhanger, and Chet's huge appetite near the beginning cracked me up. 😆

In this installment of the Hardy Boys series, a banker reluctantly accepts the Hardys' help in investigating the threatening notes that keep appearing in the secret room of his mansion. As usual, loved the Hardys' determination to do the right thing. Despite the room being locked, how do the threatening notes get there? How has someone been able to enter it? Strange! 👀 Also, who hates Mr. Dalrymple enough to threaten him with death?

It's very likely of the Hardy boys to take the time to search around for a secret trap door in the secret room - definitely the Hardys I've always known! Also, I've really enjoyed exploring the Purdy mansion - sure sounded spooky. 👀

Besides investigating Mr. Dalrymple's case, the Hardys also get involved chasing harbor thieves. More than anything, I really admired the Hardys' teamwork with the policemen in bringing the criminals to justice; really love their relationship with them. Also, really loved how the Hardys would risk anything for each other.

While I really loved and enjoyed While The Clock Ticked, I only had a few minor issues with it. Some parts were confusing for me, such as, descriptions of some particular scenes. Sometimes I had to keep reading them over and over to be able to understand what's exactly going on, and sometimes even going back to previous pages.

Finally, the ending - loved how perfect it was! 🥺😌❤❤

Overall, would recommend to Hardy Boys or any mystery fan out there.

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